"Your Day... Your Way."

     There are many ways to get married and have a meaningful ceremony.  The couples I work with all have different needs, ideas and life styles.  A wedding ceremony should be a reflection of how the bride and groom perceive their relationship, their individuality and their own beliefs, values and tastes.

     Wedding ceremonies can be outside or inside.  They can be in a home, a restaurant, an office, a park, on a boat, in a hot air balloon, or anywhere you want.  A couple may write their own vows or they can follow a sample text.  The wedding ceremony can be serious or humorous, romantic or simple.  It can be long or short.  It can be informal or formal.

     I support religious freedom and freedom from religion.  You do not have to conform to anyone's expectation except your own of the perfect wedding.  I support you in your right to make your own decisions about the content and style of your wedding ceremony.  There is no one "perfect" ceremony.  Each ceremony is splendid and unique.

     A wedding ceremony is an event that marks our passage from one major stage of our lives to a new stage.  The process of planning a wedding can result in much joy aswell as some anxiety.  I am here to help you achieve your goals.